Rutt Hutts
Rutt Hutts



2X6 TREATED Joists

2x4 Studs

2"Roll Fiberglass Ins.

Black vinyl interior

Sliding Plexi Windows

Full Size Entry Door

Heavy Duty Hinges

Locking T-Handle

$700.00 + tax





2x6 TREATED Joists

2x4 Studs

2" Roll Fiberglass Ins.

Vertical Gun Windows

Sliding Bow Windows

Full Size Entry Door

Heavy Duty Hinges

Locking T-Handle





We offer Installation of our products on a limited basis.  Each installation is different and will require an individual quote.  Give us a call or email us today for more information.


Welcome to Rutt Hutts!!!

Rutt Hutts is an individually owned deerstand manufacturer located in Lexington, North Carolina.  Rutt Hutts was founded and is operated by Justin Decker.  Justin, an avid outdoorsman himself founded Rutt Hutts to help provide a high quality box-blind at an affordable price.  Using personal experience from the field, as well as his carpenter craftsmanship and metal roofing expertise, he has developed a practical use product that performs well in the field.


Rutt Hutts are now being manufactured year round, however availability varries depending on fluctuating product demand and the customers desires. Give us a call and we will try our best to meet your needs. 


We also offer Installation of our products in the field.  For information email or give us a call today!


We have an established base of dealers, however we are constantly on the look for new dealers.  If you would like to become a dealer please give us a call today! 


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